Warcraft Bosses

There are three types of Warcraft bosses; those that you fight on the side, those that you fight on the clock, and those that you fight on the bosses. On most MMORG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games) there are three types of bosses; those that you fight on the side and those you fight on the clock. The Champions Bundle WoW Deck on the side so you can choose which side you want to fight on. A player’s decision will determine which side of the fight he/she wants to be on and what their role will be in the game. There are numerous bosses in WoW and most of them carry a serious threat to any player that bravely comes into the field. With the Champions Bundle, players can join forces with their friends and play in cooperation to bring down these powerful warlords.

1. Vorsha the Lashera

The first boss that you will encounter in WoW is Vorsha the Lashera. This is a two-headed dragon and is believed to be highly armored. Fitting to the name of the game, Vorsha dashes towards themes on the battlefield. This attack is usually called “Strike like iron.” Vorsha will drop off of any obstacle he runs into, then rain powerful fire upon those foolish enough to challenge him.

2. Maghar the Hudson

Maghar the Hudson is the first boss encounter in the Champions Bundle WoW game. This could be a bestiary type of creature, similar to the River Crocolisk. It is believed to have the ability to walk fast. That is, it is fast enough to which other creatures could not even escape its reach. Maghar will leave his target prone and open for an attack after which it is completed.

3. Fipps the Firebat

Fipps presents himself as the straight-talking fire daemon, or Pithing Heap. He is most likely to be summoned by Hevant, Volatile Fire plumes and/or lazarding demons. This World of Warcraft boss fight will determine his mind of Fipp. Fipp will fly around very fast, rain down fire on his target, and jump into the attack.

4. Kor’kron Vanguard

The second boss that will be a World of Warcraft boss fight is Kor’kron Vanguard. This is a dragon whelp that will allow players a special mount. Upon its restoration, players will get a look into the life of this cold-blooded racer.

5. Alyx Shadoweye

Alyx Shadoweye will be the third boss in the set. She is a support caster that will use four abilities: assault, devastating strike, unstable juggernaut, and cone of frost. One of the special abilities of this boss is that she can summon aanglingredhat to her aid for about the same amount of time that you have to take down her.

6. Colossus tamer

Once your Blizzards have finished taking down the third boss, rollers have an opportunity to gear up and fight Colossi. They have the option of choosing between buckles, Links, and buckles. Choosing the correct character will determine which type of DPS they perform.

Evenly Matched

If you know that your opponent is equally matched, then you don’t have to engage them to head. Choose a side early in the battle and select abilities that work well together. For example, if you are DPS and they are Tanking, you might want to use a move-like charge.  A good Mage choice might be to use a very good combination of fire and frost spells.  They will have to be aware of your Choir Dusk ability as well.

Don’t Go It Alone

If you have enough DPS and friends around you, then you don’t have to go it alone.  DPS teamwork gets you a lot of advantages. You will learn about your moves and the advantages of having multiple personalities. In the end, you will see a completely new game. Another great example is playing arenas or battlegrounds as a team. You will find that you have a better chance of winning if your team gets excited and execute really awesome maneuvers. Example move submitted by Mathiesrux: Using bear form and fang infuriator combined with bite and fang. 9. Dancing Rune Weapon

Dancing Rune Weapon is a brand new ability. This is a Melee DPS move. It looks like a slipstreamingSW. You can unleash the power of the falling moon with it. The key feature of the new move is that there will no longer be a stamina bar. This means you will be able to unleash the move faster. Note: It looks like a small whimper, but for a DPS class using the new move, it will be a suddenly very effective method of leveling.