Helpful Hints in Playing Defence of the Ancients or DOTA

Here are some of my advice for playing DOTA:

Tip 1 Farming for Gold Early in the Game

Farming at the beginning of the game is an effective way of getting core items quicker. The more gold you can get, the sooner it’s going to be for your hero to become strong. Get gold as soon as possible for you to get an advantage from the opponents. Bear in mind that no matter how much gap is there with your level, if you ever have already your core items, it is going to be more difficult for the other group to win the game.

Tip 2 Last hit or Getting a Kill

Most new individuals have a hard time getting a last hit or getting a kill and I was like that before. Try pressing/holding the ALT Key so you can see the life line of the creeps, characters, buildings and etc. If the health bars happen to be low enough and you also think you can actually destroy it in one strike, approach it and next strike. Last hitting offers you gold and also much more experience to your hero. This is also one way of keeping yourself outside of range of the opponent team.

Tip 3 Team Play

You should be able to work with your team to either get rid of all competitors or to win the game. You should adjust yourself so that everything goes properly. When attempting to eliminate an opponent or foes, try suggesting or listening to your group with regards to the technique you will use. Make sure that every person will cooperate so your plan will totally work.

Tip 4 Item Build for your Hero

Item build for hero is important. Don’t waste your own gold on things that you don’t need. Try reading some guides so that you can be aware of proper item builds for the specific hero. Those items will make your hero tougher and increase its survivability.

Tip 5 Hotkeys for Skills

Hotkeys are certainly useful in playing the game. Rather than clicking each and every ability, you just need to press a key from your very own keyboard then a skill is casted. Try hovering your cursor into the ability image, there you’ll see a pop-up information about that skill including the mana cost, cooldown, and the name, observe that the name of the skill contains a character with a different colour, that’ll be the keyboard shortcut for your ability. Since team clashes only last for just a few seconds, that will save you time so that you could use all your skills in just a blink of the eye. Try and master timing and ability keys for each and every hero so that you can play better.

Tip 6 Continue to keep Practicing

People which have been worldly acknowledged in playing DOTA didn’t start as skilled in playing the game. They simply keep practicing each day or every single night. And also they look at several guides and study them so they can boost their abilities and correct their flaws.