Druid Guide – What is the Best Druid Spec For Resto Druid?

Restoration is easily among the top talent trees for any Druid build, capable as it is of filling every imaginable role for a Druid. So once you’ve decided that you want to spec your Druid towards the Moonkin spec, the question then becomes what is the best Druid spec for Resto-Druid play?

As you might guess the answer to that question is quite a bit and, more specifically, that depends on what kind of Druid you want to be. Resto-Druids are extremely versatile, capable of filling every single role the game has to offer, be it as a tank healer, melee DPS or a caster DPS.

This being said, the Resto Druid spec you will want to get is the Restoration tree and you will want to get the Feral talent tree instead of the Balance tree because the Feral talent tree is focused on enhancing the Druid’s melee DPS abilities, talents that the Balance tree are mostly concerned with.

If you’re undecided, then I recommend the Feral tree and if you really want to get into the PvE a Druid speculates on the Restoration tree, but I advise H regenerate over Balance.

In the two sections I’ve written below I will give you a short overview on what’s the best spec for your Resto Druid.

THE REPULSIONARY RAM RAM unnatural resilience gives you amazing burst damage potential. This basically “targets” ads once you go into the Defensive Stance after you go through the whole fight. So basically this is like a tai-Pan but it has a greater damage output. It also allows more freedom of movement (thank you!)

THE MAKO sensibility is mainly in the form of healing or in some cases a DPS, depending. You should try to focus on multi-targeted raids or against single targets. This is more like a Priest’s power. The knockback is a great weapon in your arsenal because most monsters don’t get hit by it. By the way, DPS is faster than Healing. The reason why a Priest sticks to Elemental is that you can chain heal yourself and some of the damage is designed to interrupt the more recent healing to keep the target’s health up to full. If you are more Elemental, you will want to keep your distance, stop and place a HoTs or subjective buff on the current target so that you can maintain your damage over time. That’s why we say it’s the fastest leveling build.

THE TENatic Kelpie is more like a Warrior with a good DPA, but with the right talents, you can make it work very well. You will generate massive damage with a two-handed weapon, but the more likely you are to attract the attention of the enemy. If you really want to “hammerman” your enemies, then the Protection talent tree is probably a better spec for you. You will love getting upfront and using your shield. If things get a bit murky, you can always use your trinket. Overall this is a great spec for fast, strong leveling.

Lastly, let’s talk about the Ultimate Talent for Resto Druids, the Tree of Life. This is hands down the best talent for leveling fast, and it has three awesome talents that can’t be missed. First, you get to choose to be either Elf or Human. When you’re in the other form, all healing spells become much more effective on your character. Secondly, you get to boost your pets with talents like Bestial Wrath and cherry. Keep in mind, you can only have one bestial Wrath per race, so choose wisely. The clinic of this talent is that you boost your damage over time spells, helping you dispatch your enemies quickly. A must-have! Then you have the cherry talent that allows you to add you’re critical strike rating to your critical damage. Most talent trees in the game do not provide anything that’s anywhere near as good as Bestial Wrath, so take this one.

For the last tips that I’m going to give you, I’m going to tell you how to spend your talent points. Basically, I think it’s taught in the leveling guide, but I’m going to give you some free tips as well. The tips I’m going to give you are very basic, but I think they’re very efficient. First of all, don’t proc any DoTs. It’s a waste of time, especially at low levels. You might kill a mob, and he might kill you for sure. In both cases, you would waste your time as well as your damage over time spells, if you proc the DoTs. Second, don’t go to the auction house every 2-3 levels unless you’re repairing gear unless you have a very clear reason to do so.